Making your brand a game-changer: how company culture can make a difference

Making your brand a game-changer: how company culture can make a difference

You may think that company culture is simply an internal aspect of a brand - but it’s so much more than that! Not only is it the personality of a company, which includes work environment, a company’s mission statement, values, ethics, and goals - but it also feeds onto how a brand interacts and engages with their customers.

Customers have shifted their focus from convenience to connection. Rather than choosing brands that are convenient in terms of price and availability, they’re wanting to buy from brands they feel a connection with. People are starting to expect brands to connect with them emotionally - and this all starts with a company’s culture. 

Here’s how a strong company culture can be a game-changer for your brand. 

Customers feel more connected with your brand

A strong company culture can have a HUGE impact on customer experience. When employees within a company feel engaged, excited and driven about what they do - it improves their work ethic and their interactions with customers. And when customers get an insight on what the company’s culture is like ‘behind-the-scenes’, it gives them an opportunity to connect with your brand on a deeper level. If they feel a strong connection with your brand, they’re more likely to become a loyal customer long-term.  

It makes your brand stand out from the crowd

Branding expert Denise Lee Yohn says that great brands start brand-building inside their organisations by cultivating a strong brand-led culture from within. Branding is so much more than logos, PR, and ad campaigns, it’s the identity and personality of a brand, and it can help set yourself apart. If you look at successful brands out there such as Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple - their branding stems from strong company values and culture, which has helped them become big brands of today.

Customers look for companies that align with their own values

Modern-day consumers aren’t just looking for companies to buy from, instead, they’re looking to buy from companies that align with their own personal values. When a company has values that align with its’ customers’, it helps build a sense of community and solidarity around the brand. Sharing your views, values, and social awareness can do wonders in retaining loyal customers. Cone and Porter Novelli reported that two-thirds of consumers will jump ship from one product to another, if that new product comes from an organisation with a strong purpose or social stance. And 68% of them will share that organisations content across social media, further building awareness and buzz around that particular brand. 

It helps align your values, purpose & branding

Companies operate in a top-down “waterfall environment” where values and priorities from an executive level trickle down to all other departments. A strong company culture that starts right from the top can help build values and purpose that aligns with the brand’s overall culture. With an aligned purpose that is clear at all levels of the company, your brand’s identity and voice becomes whole lot stronger. 

Here’s a few more ways a strong company culture can improve your brand’s marketing and growth.




Now, more than ever before, organisations should focus on purpose, values, and company culture to enhance their brand’s image inside and out. It sets direction for a business, and can drive change from within, helping to shape the experiences an organisation creates for its customers and employees. 

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