Do you really need to pay for advertising? The role of paid and organic strategies

Do you really need to pay for advertising? The role of paid and organic strategies

Having a social media strategy is an essential part of growing and promoting a business online - whether that be through paid, or organic strategies. It’s an effective way to build and reach your customers, and gain brand awareness.  In fact, 96% of small to medium sized businesses are now using social media in their marketing strategy. And that’s because of one core reason - it works!

However, simply having a social profile for your business isn’t going to drive the level of engagement your business needs. Many small business owners tend to ask, “is it really necessary to pay for social advertising? And the truth is - yes. While having a strong organic social strategy can be powerful, having a paid strategy to back it up is what’s going to really boost your marketing efforts.

Now you might be thinking - what are the main difference between organic and paid strategies? Let us fill you in. 


Organic strategy 

An organic social media strategy consists of methods that are free to do and use - such as posting and sharing content, commenting and engaging on various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. It’s the best way to build the foundation of your social identity, and build a community surrounding your brand. Organic strategies allow you to communicate with your audience directly, and create genuine relationships with them. 


Paid Strategy

Paid strategies on the other hand are just that - paid. It’s any form of social media marketing you have to pay for. This includes sponsored posts, boosted posts, or retargeting ads, videos or carousels. The great thing about paid advertising is its ability to target specific audiences - from demographics, interests, and even job roles. It allows businesses to hone in their marketing by targeting the right types of audiences, resulting in more effective marketing strategies.


Why it’s best to have both

A successful social media strategy should consist of both paid and organic strategies. Once you’ve played the field of organic social media, you’ll be able to understand which types of content are more successful in attracting your audience’s attention and engagement. Once you know that - it’s time to bring in your paid strategy. Putting money behind successful types of content helps to amplify your organic content to a larger audience. 

Your organic strategies will help you understand what content to put your money behind. By experimenting and testing with your organic content, it’ll be easier to ensure that you’re spending your resources wisely on the right types of content that will work best in attracting leads.

The best kind social media strategy will have the perfect marriage between organic and paid. If you need some help figuring out how to get that relationship going in the right direction, get in touch! We can guide you through the process of creating an effective organic and paid social strategy to boost your business.

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